Thursday, March 01, 2012

Card Game Storage

Original Post: Shady Tree Diary

Our Story:
I love this idea.  The card game boxes (and all game boxes for that matter) get destroyed really fast and it really bugs me.  I finally found these little soap boxes (at the Dollar Store, 2/$1) and took apart the kids game area.  Not only did I put in all the card games that would fit, I also made a box for "Dora Bingo" pieces and "Princess Tic Tac Toe" pieces.  The large boards were put into one large baggie and placed beside the soap boxes.  My husband did have a good idea, though.  Instead of writing with permanent marker on all the boxes (as they will change as the kids grow up), use a part of the box and tape it on instead.  That way you can keep using the same boxes!  I will keep that trick in mind for next time for sure!  This was just part one of the kids game storage area.  I will talk about the rest of the cabinet tomorrow!

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