Friday, March 16, 2012

Upstairs Bathroom Part Two

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There were lots of ideas that I found on Pinterest, but not all of them (I quickly found out) would work in our bathroom.  We have no floor space for shelving and we really wanted a shelf above the door, but a shelf with braces would not fit and the floating shelves just weren't wide enough for us to make it worth it.  But we got it painted, added a couple "spa like" touches and that was really all that mattered!

This though was probably my favourite addition.  I originally thought it would be neat to have all four of our handprints, but I had to quickly throw that idea out the window because our adult sized hands wouldn't fit and my son THREW a fit because he didn't want to get his hands dirty.  So my daughter did it all, chosing colours that represented each of us.  She was brown, her brother was orange, I was red and her dad was blue.  To make the tree and words, I just typed up the words on a word document, printed it off, then cut out a tree trunk from black construction paper.

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