Wednesday, March 21, 2012

7 Day Clothes Organizer

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Our Story:
I love the idea of getting the kids clothes ready on Sunday for the whole week.  It stops the drama in the mornings: "I don't wanna wear THAT!" or the waiting for a 1/2 hour before they decide what to wear.  So to avoid all that in the mornings, I take the kids upstairs with me sometime on Sunday (or Saturday), we look at the weather forecast and we pick clothes for the week together.  I have guidelines in my head as to what they have to wear for a certain temperature.  For example, if it's colder than -10, then it's a long sleeve shirt day.  I hold up two options for Monday (shirts) and she picks her favourite.  This way all her clothes get worn more often.  Once the shirts are done, she adds in her socks and panties and I throw in her jeans and there is one day (usually Wednesday) that she gets to pick the pants.  It's Wacky Wednesday of course!  She knows that the top basket is for the first day of the week, and she always picks from the top down, through the whole week.  And weekends are free choice.  She gets to wear whatever she wants - until we go out in public, then I have a LITTLE more say, but not a lot.  So with that said, we like giving the kids choices and they like being included in these things - even if it is small.  So we bought my son a clothes organizer as well so that he can pick his clothes like his sister.  His favourite part is picking his very own socks.  He loves socks.
And while I was doing this, I organized his closet a little bit, so here are the before and after pictures!

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  1. What a great idea! I love this, Sarah! I might have to steal this one. Hehe.