Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chore Charts

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Our Story:
This is a new thing for us.  Our daughter has always been very helpful, but we agreed with each other as parents that we would start some kind of allowance for her when she turned four.  Obviously, she doesn't know what she is missing, but we wanted to get her started.  We looked at the ideas above together and agreed that she wasn't quite ready for those yet.  She doesn't understand money and they other ones would be too overwhelming for her right off that bat.  We do currently have a Melissa and Doug Chore Chart that we got a while back so this would be perfect to start out with.  There were a few things that we didn't quite agree with though.

1.  Allowance $=Age.  That's fine and dandy if the kids are older, but what does a 4 year old need with 4 dollars?  Right now, we are starting with .25 cents and she's over the moon just getting SOMETHING to put in her piggy bank.
2. The Melissa and Doug Chart has a LOT of use your manners and be nice to people magnets.  Personally, those shouldn't be something that you do to get allowance.  Those are things you just do.
3. The Melissa and Doug Chart also has things like "Set the Table", "Empty Dishwasher", "Get Ready for Bed", etc.  Simple things that in our personal opinion should not be for allowance either.  These are just things you do because you are a part of our family.  Period.  Now that being said, they are good for our daughter who is just learning to help out around the house, but these will eventually be things that she will not get allowance for.

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