Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Car Food Tray

Original Post: Amy New Nostalgia

Our Story:
Don't worry, I don't buy my kids McDonalds every day.  But I'm not afraid to admit that I do every now and then.  ESPECIALLY when we head out of town to visit my family.  And we usually do that on a Friday right after work/daycare/school so the kids are hungry.  I found these wonderful baskets at the Dollar Store (where else?) and I think they will work great!  And it's not only for fast food, it can be for when we need those snack suppers on the road once a week before swimming lessons.  A place for the sippy cups/water bottles and all the little snacks and fruit.

This was one of the greatest ideas I've come across so far.  It kept crumbs off the floor, crackers out of carseats and milk spills (ya, those sippy cups aren't spill proof all the time) contained!  Before we left daycare, I just put all the food in their baskets and handed them over.  I took off one of the handles because it was in their faces.  It was a lot safer too, because usually it's "Mommy, I'm done!  Can I have more?" and I'm trying to drive and pass back food at the same time.  This kept them quiet the whole drive and my daughter thought it was neat to have a picnic in the car.  The only downside, when my son was no longer hungry and I wouldn't take it from him because I was driving, he dumped the whole thing on the floor in frustration.  But I will say, it was more frustration than it was just dumping it for no reason.

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