Thursday, March 08, 2012

St. Patricks Day 2012

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Our Story:
Normally, we don't do much for St. Patricks Day.  Maybe dress the kids in green and have some green milk.  Or make shamrock sugar cookies.  But this year, it's on a Saturday and for some odd reason, my daughter is SO excited for it.  So I have come up with a little plan for the day and I'm kind of excited about it this year!  Mainly for the kids, but still excited!

Of course, first things first, we must wear green!  Everyone!

Our day will start out with a special breakfast - I haven't decided which yet - but either some Lucky Charms or some green pancakes.  We have both things in the house, so it will be a matter of how much work I feel like doing!  And while at the Dollar Store, my daughter found these plates that she wanted, so everything will be served on special plates - hey, just means no dishes for me!

After breakfast, we will do a scavenger hunt!  I bought this foam shamrock shapes that I will write all the clues on and at the end will be a pot of gold treasure!

For lunch we will have green kabobs.  Different foods (probably mostly fruits and veggies unless I can dye some other foods green) on sticks - the kids will love it!  Or to make it a little easier on myself, I may switch it up and go the way of the Rainbow kabob.

After lunch we have some shamrock painting planned!  Green paint and peppers cut in half.  What a great idea!

And before bed: a green bubble bath!

I'm really looking forward to this fun day with the kids!

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