Friday, March 30, 2012

The Birthday Boy

Not a real Pinterest Project today, but a shout out to my baby because we are busy getting ready for his second birthday party!  I can't believe he is two already - his birthday is tomorrow!  I'll never forget the day he was born!
I told my husband around 4am that we needed to get to the hospital.  He had his shower, called his parents (told them "no hurry, have your showers") and FINALLY around 7am we got moving.  Asking if we could stop at McDonalds or Tim Hortons on the way.  Um, no.  Then we get to the hospital, he comes upstairs with me and once I'm in an examining room - he goes to work!  In his defence, I don't think he believed me that it was REALLY time.  Once he got back to the hospital, he did feel bad (a little).  My little man was born at 1:31 in the afternoon on March 31st and he was perfect!  8lbs 3oz and 20 inches long.
Now he's two (24lbs and 32 inches) and he's talking, running, saying (screaming) "no" and has become his own little person.  And I'm so proud of him every single day!
Love you Monkey!

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