Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hallway Pictures

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This was a combo effort.  We looked at all four ideas and had to figure out something that would work for us.  And because it's in a high traffic area, I THOUGHT it would be nice to get my husbands input . . . he's so difficult.

Our Story:
Five years ago now, my husband and I went on a fabulous trip to the other side of the world.  We travelled, lived and worked in South Korea for our first year of marriage and we loved EVERY minute of it.  It's a very important part of our life that we love to remember, talk and laugh about.  At the top of our stairs, we have some pictures in frames from our trip that I change every 3 months.  This IS working, but three things
1) I want a change (don't tell my husband that's a reason)
2) The clips on the back of the frames are breaking from opening/closing them too many times
3) I want something more permanent so that I don't have to do this every 3 months.  It's a pain.

So I went to the Costco Website (LOVE it, they know me at the photo counter by name and have my stuff waiting when they see me walk in) and ordered a HUGE 24x36 inch collage.  I put my pictures in and sent it away for printing.  I can't wait to go pick it up!  These are pictures of what the area looked like before:

And I FINALLY got around (well, my husband did) to hanging it and I love the new look.  I love change!

The Costco Website is really easy to use, it's cheap and they have GREAT results.  We used to print all our pictures from Walmart, but the quality sucked.  We have NEVER had a problem with Costco.  They lost an order of mine once that I ordered during a sale, and when it showed up 2 months later, they still gave me the sale price - which was great!

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