Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update (February 2012)

I thought I would do this little update once a month to see how projects I created in the past or recipes or gifts have been working for us so far!  So here are a couple updates that I wanted to share with you!

Dry Erase Queit Books:
We finally got some use out of these when I took the kids on an hour long city bus ride to meet their dad after work.  They LOVED them and my son threw a HUGE fit on the bus when it was time to clean up.  The markers wash off real well from hands and faces (yes, I said faces) but clothes are another story.  Weird I know.  My daughter even continued to use her binder while shopping in Walmart.  It kept her quiet and it's great for her learning!

Bathroom Sign:
Well, we FINALLY got it hung up.  We got some 3M hooks that stick to the door and using a Pinterest idea, we hung the hook upside down and tied on the ribbon.  On the plaque, we glued on a picture hanging piece and strung the ribbon underneath it.

As of today, we still have not recieved back any picture from Disney World.  I'm hoping that it comes soon, but I think my daughter has already forgotten about it.  So if it does show up, she will be REALLY excited and surprised and if it doesn't, oh well.  It was a fun activity.

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