Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Word Clips

Original Post: Creating and Teaching

Our Story:
My daughter is 4 and is just beginning to learn to print all her letters.  Up to this point, we have only really focused on capital letters.  I wanted something that would help her recognize both capitals AND lowercase letters.  Plus this activity would help her in the future with spelling.  So I printed off some clipart, one picture for each letter of the alphabet - just to be sure I included all 26 letters.  Then I opened my bag of clothespins and I wrote the lowercase letters that matched each letter on the cards.  I did NOT make a letter for every card - meaning she can't create all 26 cards without taking some apart, because there are only so many of each letter.  First, it would have taken WAY too many clothespins and second, that would have created a little more clutter than I had wanted. 

To make these last longer, you could laminate all the cards, but I'm not too worried about that.  She had a lot of fun matching the letters and I could tell it was a little bit of a challenge for her, which was great. I am storing the cards and clothespins in a large baggie and I have now placed some baskets on a low shelf in the kitchen which are called "Supper Games".  These are games that my daughter/son can play while I or my husband is making supper.  They are mostly independent games, but if she needs some help, I'm right there.  I created some other "Supper Games" that I will tell you about later.

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