Monday, November 03, 2014

Advent Calendar

So because our move was a complicated one, we lived with family for the entire month of December with our entire life in a storage unit . . . Including our Christmas decorations which included our advent calendar.  So I used what we did have (large pad of white paper, construction paper and a marker) and made this advent calendar with my daughter.  I cut out 24 rectangles with different colours and then my daughter made the pattern.  Once she was ready, I wrote on the back of each rectangle and then glued lightly the top of each card.  Every day, the kids ripped off the special activity and we were off.

For the most part, we stuck with Christmas themed activities like visiting Santa at the mall and eating a red and green supper.  We also wanted to use this as an opportunity for the kids to say goodbye to their old city and go places and see people that we knew they would miss, so we enjoyed some suppers with friends and swimming at the local swimming pool.

Here are a few other things that we did . . .

Wrote letters to Santa 

Made a gingerbread house

Decorated the Christmas tree

Went to Chuck E Cheese