Thursday, February 09, 2012

Storage Room Boxes

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Our Story:
In our storage room we have the "aisle of doom".  It's right between the washer/dryer and the freezer.  You have to squish in to do laundry.  And it doesn't matter how often we try and organize it, it multiplies, EVERY TIME!  I saw these boxes and I thought that it would be a great idea.  My husband didn't really like the idea because A) It cost money (that's always his reason for not liking things) and B) He thought it would just take up MORE room/floor space that we don't have.  Which I agree.  So we went with something cheap and it takes up no floor space!

One crate is for things to sell/give away/presents, one crate is for clothes that are too small/need to sell, one crate is for clothes that are too big (once the crate is full we move the stuff into boxes in our MAIN storage room that are labeled by sex and size) and the last crate is for stuff that needs to be put away.

I'm so glad my husband finally got around to hanging these up for me.  I won't lie, we still have some big stuff in the "aisle of doom" that is too big to put in crates, but I'm HOPING it won't be there for long.  I can't say that it will be completely cleared, but it will only get smaller!  Here is a before and after picture of our "aisle of doom".

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