Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kids Names and Weights

Original Post: ETSY

Our Story:
I really liked these keepsakes, they were bright and personalize . . . and WAY to expensive for something that I could make for free - minus the cost of the frames, which was $2 from Craigslist.  First thing I did was make the keepsakes using the basic Word program on my computer.  You can easily follow these steps:
1. Center the text and type in the child's name.  You then highlight each name individually and change the size and colour.  I used 90 for the frst name and 50 for the middle and last.  I also used the font "Biondi".
2. Next step is the date of birth.  I used a font size of 110.
3. Year of birth typed out (39 font) and Year of birth typed out (39 font)
Weight and Length (25 font)
4. Next comes the tricky part.  Insert -> Table -> 2x1.  Type the time (80 font) in the column on the left and the hospital name (25 font) in the column on the right.  You may have to adjust the sizes of each column by dragging the middle bar over.
5. To make the lines go away from the table, left click on one of the lines (make sure your curser is a little arrow).  Table Properties -> Borders and Shading -> None.  You may have to do this with both cells.

Once these were made, I found the frames (they were blue, which was great for my son, but not so great for my pink/purple daughter). So I went to the basement and pulled out some paint that was leftover from when we painted her room and I painted the frame (first white, then pink).

Awesome! They look SO great! I can't wait to get them hung up in each of the kids rooms!

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