Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Grocery Bag Storage

Original Post: The Family Handy Man

Our Story:
Grocery Bags are taking over our lives.  Normally, we use the resuable bags/bins, but sometimes we just don't have them with us.  And we do reuse them.  We have had a pile in the kitchen for every day things and we have had a pile in our sons room for those diapers that smell just oh so special - and really those diaper genies do NOTHING to mask the specialness smell of them - but OK, off topic.  So I found this brilliant idea (which my husband again, did not like) and I went around the house finding the least full boxes of Kleenex.  I took out what was left and put them on top of the other boxes (yes, yes I did).  I didn't want to tick off my husband TOO much this day, so I didn't hang the boxes on the cupboard door, I just put them exactly where the piles of bags USED TO BE!  It just looks tidier.

I love when things look tidier.  And when you go to pull a bag out, you do have to be carefull that you don't pull them all out - but really, that was the way our piles were getting.  So I like it.  And if I ever want a change/if it breaks - we will always have the extra boxes laying around.

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