Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Bath Salts and Bath Bombs

Original Post: Martha Stewart

Our Story:
Like I said earlier, we were sticking with a cheap and easy Christmas this year and I know most women LOVE bath things and we had a few women on our list to buy for so this was what we did!  I found the idea originally at Martha Stewart, but to be honest, I didn't like that site so I used this one instead.
Craft Bits was really easy to use and you can find anything on there!  I can't wait to try more things there next year!  I made really simple bath salts (epsom salts + food colouring + scents) and bath bombs. 
Bath Salts: Easy Peasy and Cheap.  Awesome gift!
Bath Bombs: Not so easy.  Not so cheap.  Awesome gift!  These took a while to master and even in the end, they weren't the best.  But they were good enough.  The Citric Acid that you need is fairly expensive (I got mine from the Bulk Barn - bad idea).  But it didn't scare me away from trying them again next year!
As for peoples comments on the gifts - all the girls loved them and couldn't wait to use them!

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