Friday, February 17, 2012

Hair Clip Organizer

Original Post: Mary Janes & Galoshes

Our Story:
My daughter is a real girly girl.  She loves everything that can make her look "fancy".  She has bracelets, necklaces, hair ties, hair clips, head bands . . . the list is really endless.  So I need something that would keep all those things organized.  She has a box for the big things (necklaces and headbands) - CHECK!  I found a small box for the little hair ties - CHECK!  I found this idea on Pinterest - CHECK!
First step was the frame.  Found it at the dollar store.  If you could find a strong, sturdy wooden frame, that would probably be best because then you could use a staple gun.  But I couldn't/didn't want to spend the time looking for one.
Next step was to cut the right lengths of ribbon to wrap all the way around the frame.  Once the pieces were cut, I used the glue gun to glue each piece into place.  Done.

I sat down and put all the clips on her new organizer and showed her.  Her first words were, "OH!  Thanks mommy so much for making me that!  What is it?"  So I explained and now she loves it!  It may need a repair every now and then - and if I ever find a wooden frame, I think I'll make a new one!

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