Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm Bored Jar

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Our Story:
My kids are not QUITE at the "I'm Bored" stage - I don't think my daughter knows what it means - but I know she's getting close.  I can tell when they are getting bored, so this is more an activity for me to initiate.  If you have older kids, they would be able to tell you when they wanted to use it.
I found an empty pickle jar and a label I found in my junk drawer and I started the project.  I went to the site above and printed the PDF file for this project and I ended the project.  Pretty easy.  While I cut out each "idea" my daughter put them into the jar for me.  There were SO many different ideas, I can't wait to start trying them!

I plan on throwing the pages out after we pull it.  That way we will be sure to get through all the tasks.  If this site is no longer available, I will just create my own tasks.  And no, not all the tasks are fun.  There are some chores in there . . . including clean mom's room!

We have already used the Bored Jar to use - my daughter told me that her toys were "Boring" and I asked her if she wanted to use the Bored Jar.  She got really excited and she happened to even pick a fun activity!  Build a fort with blankets!  So that's what we did - then they took in the playfood and plates and cups to have a picnic.  They even had a lantern for some light!  Wasted about 45 minutes!

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