Monday, February 13, 2012

Plans for the Week (February 13-19, 2012)

As you can tell, I'm not the best at actually STICKING to the plans for the week - but they are kind of just a guideline - I try and get those things done, but sometimes things get in my way or another project just fits better into my schedule!  So bear with me - everything that I write down WILL get done - just maybe not that week.

Week Seven!

Pantry Inventory . . . So far so good, it's keeping us a little more organized!
Kids Names and Weights . . . Something I created - definitaley a favourite!
Daddy Frame . . . I think my favourite homemade gift I've ever given my husband!
Hair Clip Organizer . . . Finally found the gluegun!
Saturdays Recipe . . . I hope you like cauliflower!

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