Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Original Post: The Kitchn

Our Story:
For Christmas this year, we were trying to keep things cheap and simple because, well, money's tight.  And besides - who doesn't LOVE homemade gifts!  For my daughters teachers, we decided to make some Quickbread.  Really easy.  You put all the dry ingredients in a jar, write the instructions and tie them onto the jar.  Cheap.  Easy.  Done.
My daughter actually did NOT help me make these.  I made them one day while they were napping just to get it finished so that we could do something else when they woke up.  However, it would have been easy for her to help - just make sure you have a funnel handy!  The teachers really enjoyed the gifts!  Now these teachers also enjoy baking, so I guess you would have to know the person a little bit before you give this kind of gift.  I also put nuts in ours, which would be a no-no if there were allergies!

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