Thursday, February 16, 2012

Daddy Frame

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Our Story:
Every year for Father's Day I want to get something special for my husband, but not something that costs a lot of money (because he's the cheap one and I have to live with it) and I always want it to be something that reminds him of the kids.
So I cut out some letters from construction paper and gave them to the kids to hold on the couch.  I did my son first, cause I knew that he would be more difficult.  Both of them did great!  I bought a frame that had room for 6 pictures, so in the last spot, I put a picture that I had taken with both of the kids together. 

He loved it! And my parents loved it, too. I think they were a little jealous - I may have to keep this gift in mind for them next year! I think my mom even said, "Where do you get all these great ideas?" And that was when I told her about Pinterest . . .

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