Friday, February 03, 2012

Valentines Day #1 2012

Original Post: Drake House Museum, Room Design Guide

Our Story:
This is just the first part of my decorating for Valentines Day.  All the stuff is from the Dollar Store.  This is my first year on collecting holiday goodies like this.  I'm sick of JUST decorating with Window Decals - but I can only get so much stuff at one time.  I plan on decorating a little more next weekend, so I will show you more then!
House is getting a little more red and white!  And I want to add that I DO have those candies on the table in the wine glass.  The first two days that they were out - that was ALL my kids wanted (at least they asked first - well, my 4 year old did), was those candies.  So I let them have a few and now, they have totally forgotten they are there.

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