Thursday, February 02, 2012

Write to a Disney Character

Original Post: Couponing to Disney (search Walt Disney World Communications)

Our Story:
This was another pin that I got from my mom.  My daughter is IN LOVE with princesses and Disney.  I made the mistake of telling her we would go one day and now every day I hear, "When are we going?"  To get ready, she helped me by getting the envelope, a piece of paper and a pen.  We sat down together and I explained to her that we would write a letter to a princess.  She wanted to write to Sleeping Beauty.  So I wrote the letter, writing down every word that she said.  At the bottom, I wrote her name and address and then on the bottom half of the paper, she wrote her name.  We put on a couple stamps and sent it away.
As of right now, we are still waiting for the response.  I really hope that this works, because my daughter will LOVE it!  I plan on framing the 8x10 picture that we get and putting it in her room.  I will keep you all updated on the Disney Picture Process . . .

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