Monday, March 03, 2014

Pet Week

Welcome to Pet Week!

Art Project: We used pet-shaped cookie cutters and paint to make prints on a piece of paper. 

Literacy: We learnt a new rhyme this week, "Hey Diddle Diddle".  I read the rhyme and then we read the rhyme together.  We talked about the pet words that we heard in the rhyme as well.  When we finished the rhyme, we coloured the picture.

Social: Together we discussed necessities VS wants.  My son coloured the puzzle pieces and then he worked (with a little help) to match the pet to their accessories.  Once he finished, we talked about what all humans and pets need to live; water, food and shelter.  He named what the pets used for shelter and what they ate.  Probably the hardest concept for him to grasp was that TOYS are not a necessity.

Literacy: Sequencing is an early step in literacy because it teaches the concept of beginning, middle and end. 

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