Monday, March 31, 2014

Learning About Spring

Welcome Spring!
We did lots of activities this week, however I didn't take many pictures because it was a little to chaotic this week with everyone being here full time!  Everyone was having adjustment periods - including me!

Here are a few activities that we did do!  Enjoy!

Gross Motor:  
Puddle Jumping: I cut some "puddles" out of blue construction paper and the boys jumped from puddle to puddle. First we jumped from one to one, the. We tried jumping further and skipping puddles in between.  A great way to jump and move in the house when you live places where Spring takes a LITTLE longer to arrive.

Sequencing from seed to food.  I used a template for this from one of my books, however you could easily find pictures from the internet and make your own sequencing activity.

Flower Printing
I bought some fake flowers from the dollar store and they served three purposes.  
1. I used them as a decoration in a vase for my Easter display.
2. We sketched them one afternoon and drew some beautiful pictures.  Sorry there are no pictures for this activity.  It was a busy day with full time daycare in full gear.
3. I cut off a few petals and put out some paint for the boys to dip and dab (or smear) and they turned out really cute!

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