Friday, March 28, 2014

Puzzle Storage

Puzzles are a huge hit in our house!  We have SO many puzzles, I wouldn't even be exaggerating when I say we have around 50 puzzles - that would be a low number.  Most of the puzzle are kept in the daycare room for everyone to play with.  The boxes that the puzzles came in were falling apart, getting stepped on and the tape just wasn't holding up anymore.  I also had wooden puzzles that came with just a platform, so they didn't store well at all unless they were completed.

So with a little help from the Dollar Store (have I ever mentioned I love that place???) I finally organized our puzzles.  At first, I used baggies and put all of the pieces into those.  But I quickly found that the kids just couldn't close the baggies properly and the pieces always fell out. 

I found these pencil cases with zippers and knew they were the perfect solution!  On the backs of each of the puzzle pieces (if not already done) I wrote a  word/drew a shape so that if they were all dumped out together they would be easier to sort out in the end.

Once all of the puzzles were put in the pencil cases, they were placed into this basket by our quiet table so that they are easily accessible.  I love these cases because they are very compact as well.  It may not look like it, but there are three layers of pencil cases in this basket.

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