Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

Last week we talked all about the colour green and St. Patrick's Day!  I love these "holiday" type themes because they get my little guy really excited about upcoming events!  We always decorate the house for the holidays and special days, so that is always a part of our weekly adventures, even if I don't always take pictures of it.

Math: I found Build a Shamrock Activity printable and created a counting game for my little guy.  He is learning how to identify groups of items without counting and he can do so up to 3 so far.  This activity also helped him with his one to one correspondence of numbers, which just means counting a dot and saying a number.  Sounds easy enough to us, but it's a tough skill to learn and a lot of little ones struggle with it.  This activity ALSO works on identifying numerals.  For older children, you could adapt by using tally marks, roman numerals, ten frames, etc.  The list goes on and on!

Cooking: Our snack this week was very simple, but involved measuring and mixing of colours.  We made some instant pudding and then talked about mixing colours.  What makes green?  So we experimented first with water and once we found what made green, we added blue and yellow to the pudding and mixed!

Literacy: My son LOVED this activity when we did it a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I would bring it back with green paint for the holiday.  If you missed it last time, check it out.  He is practicing his printing and drawing skills in a whole new way . . . and it's not messy!

Art: Now this activity was not quite as clean as the last one.  We just did some very basic fingerpainting with black (our colour of the week) and green (for St. Patrick's Day).  I use a shower curtain from the Dollar Store to cover the table and the just wipe it off and reuse again and again.  I like it better than a sheet or newspaper because it is washable and stays on better.  Less wasteful as well.

Literacy: Letter recognition at it's finest!  Playing a game of BINGO.  Check out all the printables (dominos, BINGO, flashcards, memory games, etc.) at the MES English website.  I used old letter magnets as my call letters.  There are also lowercase BINGO sheets as well if that is what you are looking for.

Last but not least, the super fun St. Patrick's Day treasure hunt!  This year St. Patrick's Day falls on a Monday, so I wanted this activity to be quick and to the point so that we had time in the morning.  I plan on leaving the first note (on the left) downstairs for the kids to find.  My daughter can read it and they can find what they need then I will give them the second note.  There will be a laundry basket in the living room full of towels for them to fold and at the bottom will be a bowl of treasure!  I plan on working on my sons sorting skills during the day and then when my daughter gets home, she can practice her adding and math skills before we take it to the bank for cash.  BEST way to get rid of all those unwanted coins in mommy's piggy bank.

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