Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Theme Storage

Storing ideas and activities for Preschool Themes can be a very consuming idea.  I struggled with how to organize all of my material for a long time.  I finally figured out a plan that would work for me.  I had most of the binders already at home, but they are cheap at the Dollar Store and don't be afraid to spend the money if it means you will be more organized!

Each binder is labeled with the theme or themes that are inside.  This will change as time goes on and more material gets added, but this is how mine started.  I created labels (you can find them here) and then used packing tape to stick each label on the binder.

Then I started to place all of my materials in the binders.  At the beginning of each binder, I place my schedule from all previous times that the theme was used.  This reminds me what I have already done and what worked well.

To cut down on how many Pinterest Boards I have, I also take a screen shot of my boards and print those off.  I have to be careful about what I pin so that the activity is very self explanatory in the picture or description.  If a website is needed, it may be beneficial to add that to the description.

Once the binders were put together, I still had many activity books that I had collected from garage sale over the years, full of theme activities.  I went through each of those books and ripped out the pages, then hole punched them and placed them into the corresponding binder.  So far, this has worked really well for me and I don't have as many books sitting on my shelves taking up space.  If you do this, one piece of advice would be for you to write down the books before you throw out the empty shell because then you can reference the books if you need.

After all of the pages were added, I purchased page protectors and pencil cases (with binder holes) to keep my game pieces in.  I highly recommend the pencil cases because they have the zippers, however the page protectors do hold more.  Both of these items can be found at the Dollar Store.

And that is how I organize my theme printables for preschool/daycare!  I hope I have provided you with at least some inspiration!

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