Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Learning Fun

This week our topics of learning included

Small Motor: I drew shapes for my little guy (my daughter drew her own) and they used up some of the MANY stickers we have in the house to make "sticker shapes".  They really turned out pretty neat and it kept them busy for a bit while I made supper.

Gross Motor, Music: Listening to music and understanding tempo and volume were the goal of this game.  A few simple rounds of hot potato.  First we talked about 2D VS 3D shapes, then we talked about the speed of the music.  If the music was slow, they had to pass the ball slow.  Fast music meant the ball could be passed at "lightning speed". Simply game, lots of learning.

Literacy: Matching uppercase to lowercase letters.  I used index cards and printed two lower case letters on each one.  We then used a bucket of old letter magnets (that have lost their magnets, but still in great shape) to match lower and upper case.  Just some recycling and learning fun happening!

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