Monday, March 10, 2014

Weather Week Part 1

A week full of weather ideas!

This week we added some sight words with pictures to our Center Time Wall.  There are many more that you can make, just use your imagination and developmental age of your child to come up with words.  I printed the words using a simple Word document and inserting a table.  Once printed, I drew pictures to represent each word.  You could also use Google Images to find pictures if you so wish.

Literacy: A simple game of memory using Weather Terms and pictures.  Check out the website MES English for lots of other games and printables.  I used these cards when I taught ESL overseas a few years ago.

Math: We started talking about graphing this week and made a simple graph to keep track of the weather for the month for March.  You can find my printable graph here!

Math: A file folder game that teaches number order from 1-50.  Check out the Carson Dellosa File Folder Books

Literacy: Mini Books are a great way for children to become independent in their reading.  Even though my 3 year old can't read yet, the rhymes in this book are familiar so he "follows along" with his finger and recites the poems.  This weeks book was "Rain Rain Go Away".  Scholastic has a great selection of Mini Books available!

Snack Time: A simple "Sunny Day" snack.  Made with baby carrots, a slice of orange and Craisins for the eyes (raisins or chocolate chips would also work - use what you have in the house!)

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