Friday, February 28, 2014

The Playroom - Beginning

So we finally have most of the basement set up the way we want it.  We also use this room for the daycare playroom, so organized is best!  This is just the beginning stages of the basement.  Eventually I would like to have more artwork, kids sayings, pictures, etc. hanging around to make it a true children's place to be.

So this is our Circle Time and dress up area.  My husband made the dress up closet a couple of years ago using an old bookshelf and a wooden rod.  He's so handy!  You can check out how he made it here in this blog post!  In the chest of plastic drawers beside the closet is the dress up hats, necklaces/bracelets, shoes and cell phones (we have about 8 of them).  In this area (but out of the picture) we also have a kitchen, play food, stroller, crib with dolls and a dress up box with clothes that cannot be hung, purses and other dress up stuff that does not fit in the drawers.

This is the toy space.  I buy lots of baskets when I see them on sale from Walmart, Target and even the Dollar Store.  I try to keep it organized.  My kids are really good at putting things back where they go, I just have to teach the daycare kids the same system and we should be good to go!

This is the quiet corner.  The table and chairs are used to make puzzles (basket on the left) or to play with quiet toys (basket on the right) like Magna Doodles, Potato Heads, Lacing Cards, etc.  The tent has pillows to make a cozy reading nook (books are on the far right of the picture) and of course the puppets.  They are kind of used as both stuffed animals to read or cuddle with and to put on puppet shows when the ideas arise!

So there you have it, the beginning stages of our playroom!  I hope to have this area finished in the next year or so, but that being said, there are a LOT of other things on my to do list that are more important.  So we will just wait and see I guess . . .

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