Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Manual Collection

Original Post: Desiring Virtue

Our Story:
I really liked this idea.  Originally all of our instruction booklets have been stored in a file folder in our filing cabinet.  This is good, but there is no organization and it's really hard to find what you need without pulling out the whole folder. 

So I found some binders on Craigslist and started to work.  I even had a little helper.  We seperated the instructions into categories (Toys, Baby Stuff, Small Appliances, Large Appliances, Furniture, Electronics and Random Items). 

Next thing we did was put the page protectors in the binder (3 inch).  Once that was done, we started putting the booklets into each of the labeled page protectors.  And this even turned into a learning experience!  My daughter sorted each pile of booklets according to sizes.  So first we did the electronics.  She handed me the "big" ones first, then "medium" and lastly the "small". 

This was a quick, painless and easy project to keep ourselves organized.  WAY better than the filing cabinet but now I am unsure of where to put the manuals.  I'm thinking in the basement in the storage room on a shelf somewhere.

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