Friday, January 06, 2012

Labeling Chargers and Cords

Original Post: Just Something I Made

Our Story:
One night while my husband and I were watching TV I brought down our bin of cords (we don't have any chargers) and we went through them together.  There were SO many that we didn't know what they were for - but the ones that we DID know, we labeled.  There were also some that we were able to throw out because we don't own that electronic anymore (and haven't for 10 years).

To label each cord, I wrote on the right hand side of each label what the cord was for.  Then I removed the label and wrapped it around the cord.  This worked great.  For the one charger that we had, I wrote across the whole label and stuck it on one of the sides.

There are still a couple cords/chargers that weren't in the basket last night, and I plan on labeling those as well.  This was a great way to throw away the cords that we are not using any more.  It was also an eye opener to see just how many cords we have and from now on, as soon as a new cord/charger comes home we will label it right away.

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