Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dry Erase Quiet Books

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Our Story:
When we go to restaurants, we are those parents who bring in two bags of toys - one for each kid.  They are all quiet toys, but other than the books, they honestly don't keep them busy for that long.  When I found this idea, I thought it would be fantastic!  Then I thought - well, what's the difference between this and a colouring book with activities?  But I created them anyways.  It was super easy.  I got the binders again of Craigslist (1 inch) and I bought one for each child so they don't have to share and they can be personalized to the development of each child. 
Next I went through all of their colouring books and activity books and I started to rip out the pages I wanted (more activity pages, but a couple plain colouring pages).  After that, I went online to find even more activity pages.  This was the fun part!  I printed off what I needed then organized all the pages into two piles - one for my 21 month old and the other for my 4 year old. 

Then I put the page protectors into the binders and started to fill up the binders.  All I need now is some dry erase markers/crayons and we'll be set for hours minutes of fun the next time we go out to eat! 

And for a reference, here are some of the websites that I used to print from:
Kids Learning Station
Kids Sparkz
Preschool Learners
If you just type "Preschool Printables" (or toddler, kindergarten, etc.) into Google, you will get many more options!

I was originally thinking "What's the difference between this and a colouring book?".  I realize the difference now.  This can be adjusted to the individual child, I can keep the binder forever and I'm not just wasting money/paper for a couple pages.  Also, I am saving trees because the kids can do these pages over and over again.  And they will.  We have yet to go out to try these, but I will let you know how they work when we do!

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