Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bathroom Sign

Original Post: Peppermin Plum

Our Story:
I thought this was a really cute idea.  Decorate a boring door a little bit with a cute little boy/girl bathroom sign.  I knew that Michael's would be the place to check out, but I couldn't find JUST the boy and girl ANYWHERE.  So I picked up the big wood piece and that was all I needed.

Once I got home, I printed a template off the internet and used a, X-ACTO Knife to cut out the people.  One I had my stencil, I used black paint to make my two little people.  They didn't turn out perfect, but I love it anyways!

Two Things:
1) MAKE SURE YOU USE A CARDSTOCK OR OTHER THICK PAPER FOR THE STENCIL/TEMPLATE!  I used regular paper and that was why the edges didn't turn out as well.
2) In all honesty, I have not mounted this baby yet.  It's quite heavy, so we are trying to find a solution to our problem (the door is hollow).  We are REALLY close, I just need my husband to get out and find two small screws . . . I may end up doing that myself though this weekend.

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