Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fine Motor Skills using Cheerios and Spaghetti

Original Post: Sugar and Spice

Our Story:
I originally pinned this activity to do with the kids on a rainy day.  More specific: A rainy day when daddy was at work, my son was sleeping and I just had my daughter to entertain.  Well, that was kind of how it all started.  My husband left for work and I was left with two crying kids that wanted him to stay.  My son was soon distracted by a book but my daughter needed to do SOMETHING.  So I grabbed some playdough, a raw spaghetti and some cheerios and let her have some fun. 

She was a pro at it, which I mostly expected.  So when my son came in, I thought I would let him have a try.  Mostly expecting HIM to eat all the cheerios.  But I was happily surprised when he was able to do it!  He focused, he tried, he failed and he succeeded.
What a great activity!  It is one of those activities that would keep my little guy busy for a LONG time - my daughter - not so much.  It was perfect for my 21 month old and I want to do it again and again with him!

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