Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Walking Up the Stairs

This developmental milestone has always made me scratch my head.  I think I would be safe to assume that most children don't hit this milestone at age two - walking up and down the stairs.  Maybe it's because my kids have short little legs or maybe it's because they are nervous - I'm not sure.  But we have two flights of stairs in our house and my son STILL can't walk up and down.  He is starting to by holding onto the rail, but 75% of the time he still prefers to crawl.  I guess practice will make perfect for this objective.

Practice Makes Perfect!  Encourage walk up the steps everywhere!
  • At the mall - hold your child's hand and help them walk up.  Don't just automatically carry them.
  • At the park - there are lots of steps at parks - encouage your child to walk - not crawl - by holding onto the railing
  • At a friends house - if you don't have stairs in your house, but your friends/family do, then maybe head over for a playdate and let your toddler attempt the stairs - with your supervision of course!

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