Saturday, July 14, 2012

Month of Movies: Week Two

Yep! I am challenging myself to watch a movie every day for the month of July. I picked July because I am home from work and we are not traveling anywhere this month, so I shouldn't have anything like that get in my way. My husband is a HUGE movie person, so I will mostly watch with him, but I will also watch movies during naptime if needed. So what movies did I watch this week?  Not a lot, that's for sure.  I have not completed the challenge for this week.
Hunger Games:
The idea of this movie made me shudder.  Kids killing kids?  That's HORRIBLE!  But one night my husband and I had a date night, so we went to see this movie.  As horrified as I was, I was still a LITTLE bit interested.  The idea behind the whole movie is the "Hunger Games" (I guess like an Olympic type event - televised worldwide, everyone watches) is a time when 24 different children from the ages of 12-18 are put into the wilderness (and kept in by futuristic forcefields) and the last one standing wins.  I didn't have to check my watch once, it actually kept me interested for the WHOLE time.  And now, I may even cave and read the books - just because I can't wait until movie two to see what happens next!  And I am not a reader.  I tell you, this trilogy is really something!

The Aristocats:
The kids had a sleepover with their grandparents the last couple days and while they were there, my daughter fell in love with this story.  So last night, we watched the movie together.  For an old movie, it was pretty good.  It actually kept both of the kids, on the couch, for the whole 75 minutes.  For me, it kind of dragged.  The storyline?  Cat and kittens live with the rich lady and when she writes her will, she leaves all her money to the cats, and that cats to her servent (1910 is the year).  The servent wants to come before the cats, so he gives them sleeping pills and drops them off far away, thinking they will never come back.  The cat and kittens meet an alley cat who helps them on their travels home.

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