Saturday, July 07, 2012

Month of Movies: Week One

Yep!  I am challenging myself to watch a movie every day for the month of July.  I picked July because I am home from work and we are not traveling anywhere this month, so I shouldn't have anything like that get in my way.  My husband is a HUGE movie person, so I will mostly watch with him, but I will also watch movies during naptime if needed.  So what movies did I watch this week?

Paranormal Activity #1:
Storyline: Basically the woman in the movie has been haunted since she was young and she wants to find out what/who is haunting her.  The boyfriend buys a video camera to catch all the weird things that go on at night while they are sleeping and during the day.
I watched this by myself when the kids were napping so that I wouldn't be scared right before bed.  I made it even less scary (again, because I was by myself) by turning down the volume.  Honestly, I think it's more the loud noises that scare people in these movies.  The thing with movies that are filmed like a real home video is that there were points where I was actually forgetting it was a movie.  It wasn't the best movie, but I will watch #2 just to check it out.

The Usual Suspects:
Storyline: Five "friends" work together to pull of a heist.  There is a bad guy in their midst, but which one is it???
This movie I got from the Top 250 Movies from IMDB and it was pretty good.  It was a thinking movie but it kind of reminded me of the Ocean's Trilogy with the group of friends and robberies/heists.  Plus I'm a sucker for Stephen Baldwin - well, the younger Stephen Baldwin anyways.  I kept caught up with the movie, and I figured it out just minutes before the detective did - but it did keep me guessing the whole time.

The Change Up:
Storyline: Two friends go out together one night and while peeing in a fountain the wish they had the other persons life.  A lawyer with a wife and three young kids the other with no job, sits at home smoking pot and sleeping with different women every night.  They switch, enjoy it for a while, and then realize what they are missing.
No different than any of the other "switching roles" movies in storyline, but because of the actors/actresses and humour - this movie has so far been my favourite.  And I won't lie, I did tear up in the end when Jason Batemen is finally home again with his family.  Time spent with our kids is priceless and missing those moments is heartbreaking!

Star Wars IV:
Storyline: A young man joins "the force" to help and save the princess and their planet from destruction. 
So heres the deal.  I don't like Star Wars.  I don't like Star Trek.  I don't like Sci Fi in general - but my husband does.  I made a deal with the devil last summer when the last Harry Potter Movie came out.  My husband watched all of the movies with me and didn't complain until the end - when he looked at me and said "So now that I have watched all of these with you, will you watch Star Wars with me?" I said yes, thinking he would forget but he didn't.  He keeps reminding me.  So here we are.  Watching a movie every day for a month and I might as well get this Star Wars stuff out of the way.  We started with this one - I guess it's the first one that came out.  Did I like it?  Nah, not really.  Will I watch the rest?  Yes, because I made a promise and my husband loves these movies, so I want to enjoy them with him.  I guess.

Panic Room:
Storyline: A woman and her daughter are trapped in the panic room of their new home when three home invaders want something that is hidden in the room with them.
I'm not sure what to think about this movie.  It was a good thriller/storyline but I think it went on a little longer than it should have.  I really like Jodie Foster, so that made it great.  Also it made me NEVER want to buy a big house - just kind of creepy!  While watching this movie, I acutally recognized parts from the trailer way back when.  But funny part, when my husband got home and I told him what movie I watched, he looked at me and said, "We watched that movie together."  In my defence, it was a while ago.  I'm talking YEARS.

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