Monday, July 09, 2012

Environmental Print

In Kindergarten, children should be well on their way to printing the different letters in the alphabets - and even starting to put those letters together to create words.  My daughter can make most of the letters - but some are still a little tricky for her.  To help her work on her printing, we went to the park.  We took a city bus to a nearby park and while we waited for the bus to come, I pulled out a notebook and pencil for her and that's when she started printing.  She would write down words and letters that she saw along the way.  At the bus stop, on the bus or at the park.  There are words EVERYWHERE - just encouraging your children to look and take in their surroundings.  This is also a great idea because it kept them busy while waiting for the bus.  Even my son got into it, scribbling on his notebook along with his sister!  And like a dummy, I forgot to take along my camera, so my IPOD pictures will have to do.  And no, we didn't JUST print while at the park.  The kids played like crazy for 90 minutes straight and then we took the bus home and MOMMY napped for 2 hours.

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