Friday, February 07, 2014

Homemade Foamy Soap

One day while shopping at Liquidation World I found these foamy hand soaps and I picked one up to see how I would like it.  Well, I LOVED it but eventually it ran out and for some strange reason, I saved the container.  Then one night while flipping through Pinterest I found the reason I had saved that bottle!  It was instructions on how to make your own foamy soap using my cheap soap that I always buy!

Here are the simple directions that I follow.  I have played around with the ratios but find this one works best.  If you add too much soap, it separates and it still works, but you have to shake it a little before each use.
1/10 or less of soap
the rest water
When you have filled it with water (with the tap running VERY slowly), DO NOT SHAKE THE CONTAINER!  Tip it back and forth, up and down and it will eventually all mix together.

I love this soap because the kids ALWAYS squirt out too much soap from the regular dispenser.  This way, it is watered down a little bit and they love washing their hands.

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