Thursday, February 13, 2014

Challenge to Read 100 Books

Even though I am a teacher and know how to teach reading, it always amazes me how a child can go from having no clue to reading books on their own.  That was my daughter this summer between Kindergarten and Grade One.  She was learning so much and so fast it was hard to keep up with her!  She loved reading and still does!
So to keep her love of reading alive - and try to avoid her forgetting everything her teacher had taught her - I came across this list and we made it our summer goal to finish it.  We never did get through the whole list.  I think we read in most of the spots, but we forgot to check them off with how busy we were this summer.
If I have some time, I may actually make up a winter book list to see if we can continue all the reading through the boring winter days that come with living in Canada.
If your child struggles with reading or just doesn't like it, try using this fun list or make up a list of your own that suits your child.  It may just get them interested enough to give them a running start.

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