Monday, February 24, 2014

Dinosaur Week

Yay for Dinosaur Week!

File folder games. I made these games about 10 years ago when I first started taking education classes in university.  They are very basic and easy to make. Plant eaters vs meat eaters. Today vs Dino days.  Some of the pictures of dinosaurs were hard for him to distinguish. If I were to make this game again, I would definitely use better pictures for classification.

Making bones. A very simple craft. I cut out the shape of a bone and gave my son toilet paper and a bowl filled with a mixture of glue and water.  He ripped pieces of toilet paper, dipped them into the glue/water mixture and then put the wet toilet paper onto the cardboard bone.

Number and alphabetical order. I photocopied dinosaur pictures and wrote the letters and numbers that we have covered so far. He then put the dinosaurs in order. You could also use lowercase letters or number words.

The Dino sensory bin. From the dollar store, I bought some green stones, blue stones and rocks. The green represented grass and the blue water. I set up this bin for the kids after school one day and they had a blast making different scenes with the rocks and dinosaurs.

Our cooking experience. Eggo Dino's. 
All you need are apples, bananas, an Eggo and marshmallows.  This is a great opportunity for your child to gain experience with a knife.  Adult supervision is always required.

We made some dinosaur footprints to add to our dramatic play area. A simple craft using cardboard and duct tape. I drew two footprints and then used to rectangular piece as the foot holder.  We curved the rectangluar piece and duct taped it to the bottom of the footprint.  Voila!

More arts and crafts. Using only our hands and fingers, we made dinosaurs!  And just a reminder, if your bathtub is close enough, it makes a way better sink then a regular sink. Less mess is always great!

Science: Making Fossils with Playdough
Using black and brown playdough, we used the cookie cutters closest to prehistoric animals as we could find.  Once they cut out the animals, they used cotton swabs (cutting them if they needed) to make "bones" on the bodies.

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