Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Popcorn Sensory

This weeks sensory experience had two different parts to it.  On Monday, I gave the kids some kitchen utensils (measuring cups, strainer and some spoons) with a bunch of popcorn seeds.  My daughter was very excited, but this was more of a learning experience for my son.  We talked about what the seeds would turn into and why the seeds weren't falling out of the strainer but WERE falling out of the funnel.  My son looked at the different measuring cups, but he didn't show as much interest in that as he did the pouring and catching.

Then on Friday, we worked together to pop all those seeds.  Both of the kids watched the popcorn seeds pop in the popcorn maker and were very amazed.  We talked a lot about what was making them pop.  They could feel the heat from the popcorn maker when they put their hands close.  Once it was all popped, I have them the same kitchen utensils that I had on Monday - except I added some bowls and cups and a pair of tongs for my son to practice his fine motor skills with.  He really enjoyed that and his sister held the small bowls while he picked up each piece of popcorn and placed it in.

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