Friday, April 27, 2012

Update (April 2012)

Another update!  Wow, it's been another two months, I think I will do a little update every couple of months so I can share with you how these projects are working out.  If you have done any of these projects and your results are different than mine, please share a comment because every outcome will be completely different and I would love to hear from you!

Front Entrance:
This continues to be a favourite of mine, the kids are still putting their stuff where it belongs (my daughter helps with my sons stuff some times) and it is keeping the landing a lot cleaner.  Once the summer hits (come on summer!) I will be able to move the toques and mitts out and the hats and sunscreen in!

Disney Character:
We finally got the postcard back!  The website said it would be a signed 8x10 picture of the princess she wrote to, but all we got was a postcard signed by all the princesses.  Which my daughter loved anyways!  Here's a picture!

Cords and Cables:
I have to just acknowledge this idea because last night and last week I was looking for the cords at the computer (one night for the mouse and one night for the monitor) and this idea REALLY helped that!  I'm so glad I took the time to do this!  SO GLAD!

Chore Charts:
We have been doing really well at keeping up with the allowance thing (except this weekend with Easter), and my daughter has been helping lots.  She now knows exactly what she needs to do and this morning when she was setting the table she said, "Mommy, we're out of small spoons.  I guess I need to empty the dishwasher!"  What a smart girl!

Car Food Tray:
I love this idea!  The kids have been doing really well with holding their tray and not spilling.  It continues to keep the crumbs OFF the floor of the van (although you wouldn't know this by looking in my van), it keeps them quiet on the way to swimming lessons and allows me to focus more on the road than on passing food back to them.

Dress Up Station:
My husbands biggest concern about making this was that it would lead to a big mess every day and he would have to clean it up at the end of the night.  This is NOT the case.  It has taught my daughter how to hang things up with hangers and she actually does REALLY well with keeping it under control.  The other concern was that my son would just pull everything OFF the hangers and this is also NOT the case.  He doesn't really bother with it unless he is playing with his sister, then he asks her to get something for him.  Best project he has made so far (I know, I say that about everything!)

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