Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Painting with Toilet Paper Tubes

Original Post: The Imagination Tree

Our Story:
I got my husband to start collecting toilet paper tubes to do this craft along with something else that I was going to do.  I ended up not doing the other project so I had a bunch of these tubes that I could paint with, so one day after nap the kids and I started tube painting.  Even my son - who doesn't like to get messy - really enjoyed it.  Each kid got to choose three paint colours and then I put the paint on a plate.  I gave the plates a shake to spread out the paint a little bit and then gave them the tubes and let them go.  My daughter even started putting the circles on her hand and THEN on the paper.  It was lots of fun!

It can get messy, so be sure to wear paint shirts - or if you're anything like us around here, strip 'em naked and let 'em get dirty!  (Until I realized that we didn't have a bathtub that day because of painting, I had to wipe them down with a facecloth . . .)

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