Thursday, April 05, 2012

Dress Up Station

Original Post: Ana White, Rambling Renovators, Southern Disposition

Our Story:

Our daughter loves to dress up and even our son is starting to enjoy putting on his animal costumes.  All we have to keep the costumes in is a box - which is great because it's easy to clean up, but sometimes things can get all over the place.  There were three different stages to this planning and creation - we've been working on it since early February!  The first pin I found was the first link.  I loved the idea, but my husband isn't extremely handy nor does he have a lot of extra time, so that project would have been too much.  But it was a start.  Then I found the second link.  I love the idea and we searched on usedeverywhere for a LONG time.  All of the wooden dressers we were finding were too expensive to buy just to rip apart.  So while I kept looking on usedeverywhere, I kept watching Pinterest to see if I could find any more ideas and that's when I saw the other idea with the bookshelf and it was perfect!  We have an extra bookshelf in the basement that has a few books on the top shelf with just random toys in crates on the bottom.  The only thing we didn't like was the tension rod (I think it would fall down too easily when the kids are trying to hang clothes or when they are trying to hang on it themselves.  So my husband went to Rona and bought a dowel, wood and some hardware.  He did this to surprise me one day at work, so I don't have any pictures of while he was doing it - but I was so thankful for the surprise!  He just used a wooden drill bit to make the hole in each of the square pieces (all the way through).  Then he slid the square pieces on, put the dowel into place and screwed the square to the bookshelf.  I absolutely LOVE the way that it turned out, the kids LOVE it and my daughter (just 4) is able to hang all of the clothes back up, because they are small and it's low enough that she can reach properly.  It's great practice for when she starts hanging her jacket in the main closet!

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