Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mom's Birthday Present

Original Post: Fumaga

Our Story:
I loved this idea!  My mom is a real sentimental person who loves her kids dearly and is truly proud of the way we grew up.  She LOVES looking at old photos and is always saying how much my kids look like me and my brother or the things that they do remind her of us when we were kids.  So for her birthday, I wanted to give her a present that would make her laugh and cry - at the same time.  I bought the frame from Walmart.  One frame, two pictures (4x6).  Then when I was at her house one day, looking through photo albums, I spotted a couple of me and my brother and I took pictures of the scrapbook pages that they were on.  I didn't know how good it would turn out, but I took them.  Once I got home, I put the pictures onto the computer, cropped them and sent them to Costco for printing.  I picked them up and almost cried myself.  They were perfect.  I couldn't believe that a picture of a picture CROPPED could turn out that good.  The next time that my brother and I were at our parents house together, I showed him the idea and we got my dad to take a few pictures.  Thankfully, my parents still have that old, brown chair in their basement and while we were taking pictures, mom was upstairs making supper so she had no idea what we were doing.  We laughed so hard we were crying and we a lot of fun making this gift.  And I got the EXACT result that I wanted - she laughed AND cried and it made my heart happy!  Here are a couple of the pictures (I got them all printed and she can switch up the pictures whenever she wants) and the final gift is at the bottom.

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