Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Three Weeks of Busy Bags Week Three

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Our Story:  Here is the third installment of the supper games!  I have some PDF's of the files that I made, so you can feel free to use them if you want.  They were really simple to make and I can't wait to show them to the kids!

#7 - Number Match
Just print out the heart PDF below and then cut out 10 (or 20 in my case) hearts from construction paper.  The reason I did 20 is because I made two different games, one for each kid.  For my son, I just put the numerals on the coloured hearts.  For my daughter, I put the WORDS.  I don't have any pictures of my daughter playing this game, just because it was a struggle to try and get her to understand that letters spell things (obviously not QUITE there) - but matching numeral to numeral would be too easy.

Number Hearts

#8 - Brown Bear Match
The last link above will take you to the site that I got the printables from.  There are some other ideas on her website, I encourage you to check them all out!  This is a game JUST for my son and he loves it!  He loves his animals and has great fun matching these ones.  My printer is on the outs, so the colour isn't great, but it works for what we need right now!  It was a little tough for him to put them right properly matching, but he got the idea and put the pieces beside each other for the most part.

#9 - Number Wheel
Again, just print out he PDF below and then find 8 clothespins and write on them.  I put numerals on one side and the written word on the other, just so that the game could work for both kids, but still only have 8 clothespins.

Number Wheel

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