Tuesday, April 03, 2012

3 Weeks of Busy Bags - Week One

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Our Story:
I actually was kind of nervous about making these.  I knew that they would be fun the first time we played the games, but how quickly would they lose interest?  But then I came up with the "Supper Games" baskets idea and that is what they are used for.  I won't be making all 20 of the games, as some are repeats of what we have already made or they just don't work well for my family.  But I will be making 9 of these ideas, 3 in each post, and this is Week 1.

#1 - Diamond Counting
I found the "Diamonds" at the Dollar Store and I used an old ice cube tray that we don't use anymore.  I just wrote the number right on the ice cube tray - and I wanted to have a little bit of a challenge, plus make it easy for my son when I know he won't put the diamonds in his mouth.  There are 10 sticks, and I went up by 2's, from 2-20.  It challenged my daughter, but it will good for my son when he starts counting.

#2 - Pom Pom Patterns
I have been looking for a variety pack of Pom Poms for a while now, and I know that I could have found what I wanted at Michaels, but I'm cheap, so when I was at the Dollar Store I just bought 4 packs of multitoned pom poms.  Each bag has 3 different tones, (Ex, purple has dark, medium and light purple, black has black, grey and white, etc.).  So I bought 4 different bags and ended up with 12 different "colours".  This is even better for my daughter, because it challenges her a little bit more.  And again, for beginners, I can use very different colours to make it easier.  To make this a supper game, I would make the base of the pattern and then let her continue it.  I don't have any pictures of this one because I was busy making supper . . .

#3 - Shape Stackers
This is very similar to the patterns one, but a little different.  I found a pack of foam shapes at the Dollar Store - some big and some small - for $2!  I was SO excited!  To play the game, I would create some shapes stacked on top of each other and she would have to recreate the shapes that I made.  I lucked out because with the big shapes, there were two of each colour/shape - which was perfect!  And yes, I was hard on her, as you can see in the picture, she has the small shapes backwards and I told her she was wrong.  It took her a while, but she eventually figured it out!

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