Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three Weeks of Busy Bags - Week Two

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Our Story:
The supper game idea has been going over really well in our house.  Even my two year old wants to play the games, even though they are way too advanced for him.  So my new focus is to find some activities that will be good for his age so that he can play along with his sister.  So 1 our of 3 games are for him this week - the other two are for my daughter (and one day my son).

#4 - Ice Cube Stacking
This was not a Pinterest idea.  This was a cleaning out the cupboards and found these lying around taking up space and needing something to do with them idea.  I got them from the Dollar Store.  I took them out of the original packaging, put them in a baggie and this is an activity that my little guy can do at the table.  He can stack them, learn his colours and sort them into different piles.

#5 - Nuts and Bolts
I love this idea!  I went to Lowes and found 3 bolts, 9 nuts and 3 lock nuts.  You have no IDEA how long this took me, standing there trying to find the right sizes (and a size that would be big enough to write on) - because they were out of one item in this size, and out of another item in that size and not available in whatever size.  Frustrating.  Word of advice, make sure you do NOT have the kids with you for this one.  Once I had all my pieces, I took them home and wrote random letters on all the nuts, putting each of the vowels on the middle ones.  I tried to use as many different letters as I could and have them all make sense, but that's going to be impossible.  Make sure you have that lock nut to put on the end because with all the turning, you'll need to have that locked into place so you don't loose the pieces.

#6 - Weaving Pipe Cleaners
What a great idea for fine motor!  I grabbed one of our cookie racks and a handful of pipe cleaners from the drawer and showed my daughter how to do the first one.  She caught on right away and did a few by herself.  She wasn't done when supper was ready, but she didn't want to take it apart, so we just put it back on our "Supper Games" shelf and it's waiting for the next time!

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